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Alexa data is suspect…

Alexa data is suspect…

Matt Cutts states that Alexa data is suspect, citing a comparison between his blog and the search engine.

And he’s right. Alexa data relies heavily upon those that choose to install the Alexa toolbar – which is predominantly webmasters, search engine optimization specialists, and others in related systems (systems administration, web design, and so on).

What’s the solution? Over at ReveNews, Jim Kukral asks where the Google version of Alexa is… after all, doesn’t Google have more traffic and related data than anyone else?

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  • I bet google does not make an alexa type thing because if they did some really smart genius would reverse engineer it and figure out how they rank people in the serps

  • A Google Alexa clone won’t be worth anything either. Until all those SEO sites finally choke on their own spam there is no way to rank sites. Most of the sites that have a high page rank are full of ads and canned/ cloned content. What does a high page rank matter if no one wants to wade through the garbage they produce.

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