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Amazon Email Scam Has Consumers On High Alert

Amazon Email Scam Has Consumers On High Alert

Amazon email scam

A new Amazon phishing scam is causing some concern among holiday shoppers and the online shopping giant is warning their customers to use caution.

Amazon warns that the victims explained that they received an email claiming that there was an issue with a current Amazon purchase. The email claims that you will be unable to access your account and you will not receive your order. The email includes a link that appears to take you to the Amazon login page. However, the link is malicious and is an attempt to steal your personal information. After the information is entered, the user is redirected to the real Amazon page to cover up the evidence.

Screenshots of the email have been shared by various sources in an effort to warn others.

Amazon email scam

The email says:

“Hello, there was a problem processing your order. You will not be able to access your account or place orders with us until we confirm your information. Click here to confirm your account. We ask that you not open new accounts as any order place may be delayed. For more details, read our Amazon Prime Terms & Conditions. Sincerely,”

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Komando reported on the incident and informed victims on what to do if they believe they had received one of these emails.

Do one of the following:

  • Open a new email and attach the email you suspect is fake.
    Note: Sending this suspicious email as an attachment is the best way for Amazon to track it.
  • If you can’t send the email as an attachment, you can forward it.
    Send the email to [email protected]

As always, you should be cautious when you receive an email from anyone. Be cautious of links and never respond to an email with sensitive information. Instead, contact the company or business directly to see if the issue is legitimate. Another thing to look out for is typos and grammar mistakes, a common occurrence in phishing scam emails.

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