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Andrex’s ‘Get Comfortable’ addresses bathroom discomfort

Andrex’s ‘Get Comfortable’ addresses bathroom discomfort

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Andrex, a leading UK toilet paper company, has launched a new campaign titled “Get Comfortable.” This fresh deviation from their standard advertising approach marks a unique blend of marketing and empathy. This campaign directly addresses the discomfort experienced by many UK bathroom-goers, encouraging a feeling of ease when using the facilities. It’s an interesting shift from the product-focused advertising of the past to a more human-centric emphasis on experience and comfort.

The campaign, developed by FCB London, uses humour and authentic portrayals of everyday bathroom chaos to connect with consumers. Instead of showcasing perfect bathrooms and products, it highlights relatable and charmingly chaotic bathroom moments, featuring everything from challenging morning routines to humorous teeth brushing incidents. It’s a fresh take on promotional campaigns that not only markets the product but also entertains viewers with relatable narratives.

The intention behind “Get Comfortable” is to alleviate the nation’s “social constipation,” as termed by Matt Stone, head of marketing for the UK and Ireland division of Andrex’s parent company, Kimberly-Clark.

Andrex’s ‘Get Comfortable’: addressing bathroom anxieties

Stone indicates that the campaign aims at reducing bathroom-related stigmas and promoting a positive dialogue around bathroom habits, thus encouraging healthier practices.

Besides sparking new conversations, “Get Comfortable” also collaborates with Bowel Cancer UK to raise awareness about early detection procedures and symptoms. Andrex is keen on creating an environment that encourages honest discussion of health concerns and breaking the stigma attached to bowel cancer.

The campaign also reveals striking social behaviors about the use of public restrooms. Half of the UK’s population avoid public bathrooms, with 41% feeling uncomfortable using in-laws’ toilets and many avoiding workplace or partners’ toilets due to embarrassment related to bowel functions.

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Differing from previous campaigns, “Get Comfortable” doesn’t solely feature the famous Andrex Labrador puppy. It expertly illustrates a range of scenarios where Andrex products come to rescues in embarrassing or messy situations. The campaign’s narratives challenge the stigmas associated with bathroom use and aim to save lives by promoting open and honest discussions.

Matt Stone believes in the power of humor to break down these stigmas and make the brand more approachable. The goal of this campaign is not just to raise awareness but also to encourage conversation about these issues, ultimately working towards enhancing health and hygiene, and possibly saving lives.

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