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Anglicans battle it out over blogs

Anglicans battle it out over blogs

Blogs with a twist of God is the theme of this article at the Washington Times as the American Episcopalians (Anglicans) battle it out through the medium of blogging over the ordination of gay clergyand other heavenly matters.
Episcopalians grapple on Web | Washington Times
“A retired English professor from Rutgers University, Mr. Crew says he spends 12 hours a day processing material. Before the Internet, he says, “There was spin. Now there’s counterspin. We have to listen to points of view we don’t like. I have convictions and support them, but don’t want to be an ideologue.”

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  • I think religious views are very hard to write about. It pigeon-holes you. Politics are also in that hard to write about category, me-thinks. Being an Episcopalian myself, I find there are sensitive issues within our faith that ultimately might sever the Church of England in two. I wish them happy blogging. I will read and thank-you for the point in that direction. :-)

  • Is the shrinking of membership a bod thing? Not unless you read the words of the Jesus to push for bigger and better mustard seeds, Our chant might be:We’re small, we’re thoughtful, we’re articulate, we’re as careful of words as is the Book of Common Prayer – – – so, deal with it. – Father Jogues +

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