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Another Notable Blogger Resigns

Another Notable Blogger Resigns

For those of you in political blogging circles, you may know Paul from the popular conservative (non-U.S. readers read: right-wing) political blog Wizbang. Wizbang began with humble beginnings in April of 2003 and has been somewhat of a force since then.

Paul is “hanging up his cleats” as they say in the sports world due to blogging burnout, and the viciousness of readers – especially in politics:

I know many of you have experienced blogger burn out. (or know someone who has) Well, I did that over a year ago and didn’t take the hint then. [For those of you who are not bloggers it is a lot of work, even if you’re a part timer like me. Appreciate the efforts of the bloggers you read.]

Thanks for the significant contribution you have made to the blogging world, Paul. Removing myself from the realm of politics, anyone who can have the longevity to make it for over three years and make it big has my utmost respect.

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Update: I misread the goodbye post. It is actually Paul (post updated), Not Kevin. Still, Paul has been a significant contributor to Wizbang.

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