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Another one bites the dust: new blog related sacking in NY

Another one bites the dust: new blog related sacking in NY

After a relative lapse from blog related sackings, a new blogger has lost her job with 2 NY magazines over keeping a blog that included gossip from her workplace.

Nadine Haobsh, who writes as “Jolie in NYC” on the Beauty Insider blog, was apparently fired from Ladies Home Journal after her identity was exposed, although she had already given 2 weeks notice, and then had a job offer with Seventeen Magazine rescinded due to the attention her blog was getting.

Asked by MSNBC if she thinks what she did was wrong:

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“The thing that I think was wrong was that I didn’t come clean with my bosses from the beginning. I think that if I had told them I was writing the blog, I could have prevented all of this. But, unfortunately, I think it’s really dangerous. There aren’t really defined rules for blogs and so the course of action is to not write about the industry you work in because it probably will get back to your bosses and things can be misinterpreted or taken out of context, which is what happened to me.”

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  • This is happening more and more. Perhaps we need some better ways to educate people on how to protect themselves while blogging online. Obviously we’re still learning as we go and that’s not helping.

    Part of the problem is that Freedom of Speach doesn’t protect us from the consequences; it just gives us the right to speak our minds without fear of prosecution, not job loss or angry friends’ retaliation. Most of us forget that.

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