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AOL Time Warner to buy Blog Herald

AOL Time Warner to buy Blog Herald

Well maybe one day, or so says Steve Outing of the Poynter Institute in an article publsihed at

“This could be the year that mainstream media companies acquire the best blogs, underwrite them, and turn them into viable businesses,” he said. “This is not only a great business opportunity, but a way to get innovative, non-mainstream content on to the traditional media sites… to make your site more appealing to younger consumers.”

The Blog Herald is trying to conjure up some of the possibilities, please comment if you can think of some:

The New York Times Fark
The Agnosit on National Enquirer
The Drudge Report via Fox News
The Wired Presurfer

He goes with recommending that local news sites identify the best local bloggers and offer them contracts. “The best ones produce content that’s as good as the stuff your staff produces – perhaps even better – so consider publishing an acquired local blogger in print as well as online.”

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This writter wonders what local news sites might employ him, given that GWN already refused to employ me on the grounds that I was not local enough. Maybe blogger starts local new paper or television station? :-)

However should you wish to employ me I can be contacted at [email protected]

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  • The Wired Presurfer?
    Hm…I have to think about that.
    OK, I have thought about it!
    But I won’t sell for under $5,000,000. :)

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