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Are blogs over as a business?

Are blogs over as a business?

Daniel Gross writes at Slate that the end is nigh for blogging startups. Personally I think he’s fallen into the old MSM trick of generalizing about a marketplace, sure, you are going to struggle to compete in lots of areas within the blogosphere, but there are still plenty of profitable niches out there that have yet to be conquered, and the tail is long enough to sustain plenty of competition as well. Remember once upon a time Nokia was the king of mobiles phones (at least here in Australia). Today there’s lot of companies selling phones and they’ve lost market share. No business, blogging ones included, are infallible. He’d be better off taking his ideas and applying them to Web 2.0 companies, the horse has pretty much bolted there.

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  • Just another broad generalization by someone who has nothing original to say.

    Blogs aren’t over as a business, but the fabulously stupid people are being weeded out.

    Perhaps we could say they’re in the weeds and on the weed.

    The dumb and dumber blog networks owners are slowly imploding and those with real world business sense will still be around.

    The real person behind the faux-person is starting to show and they ain’t all pretty.

    Those who can, do and those who can’t…leave loudly.

  • Well, the one thing that could seriously bash it is the stuff in Congress about letting telcos develop premium and slow pipes. Dial-up here we come … again. This may be swatted away, but if it ever got legs, the Internet would be a very different place and desktop software would be back in fashion.

    Two types of blog networks will survive under present circumstances, I think: those that make money, and those that don’t necessarily need to make money. My own effort belongs in the latter category, but I hope it will fit into both soon. :-)

  • Gee, M, nice of you to be anon and then ask me to call somebody out.

    Ain’t happenin’.

    As for the first sentence, I wasn’t referring to Duncan.

    As for the rest, surf around and you’ll see it everyday.

    Blogs, regular websites, whatever, a real businessman will be okay……blogs, websites, whatever, idiots will still run it aground and do it loudly.

    John’s right, not all blogs/sites have to be profitable and are okay. They could develop into profitable one’s in time.

    Those that hire 1000 writers HAVE to make money and are always in perilous waters.

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