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Are You Following Your Blogging Instincts?

Are You Following Your Blogging Instincts?

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger invited 12 year old blogger David Wilkinson from Techzi to guest blog. If you haven’t read “How To Drive Traffic to Your Blog – The Advice of a 12 Year Old” by David Wilkinson, go read it.

…my last tip is probably what has brought me the large majority of my visitors, both loyal and one-off traffic hoppers. Differentiate yourself, do something different. Be daring, be random! Try something wild, or something completely unheard of, whether it’s outrageous, or greatly beneficial to the reader. Sometimes, even beneficial to the writer! Mad things work out great sometimes, other times, they really can lower your reputation, so it’s time to take calculated risks here.

My advice? Follow your instincts. Be an entrepreneur. Take that risk. Make it happen.

David Wilkinson came to blogging fame not long ago when he offered a challenge to the blogosphere to help him cover his blog’s expenses and set up his own domain and hosted site, a major goal for a 12 year old and his buddies. They’ve made their goal and now are building on their dream to create a place for themselves in Internet Marketing and blogging.

What were you doing when you were 12? Were you changing the world around you and slicing out your own path? Or following in the footsteps along a worn path?

Now that you are…um…older… are you slicing through the forest or walking the worn path with your blogging? Have you jumped off any cliffs lately? Swam with sharks?

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David’s enthusiasm and outright honesty is endearing and charming, but it is a lesson we all can learn from.

So ask yourself: Are you following your blogging instincts?

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  • I’d second that.

    Having said that, when I was 12, I was more into computer *gaming* (and console gaming) than anything else. Ah, commodore 64, we had some great times. ;)


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