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USA Today profiles Postsecret Blogger

USA Today profiles Postsecret Blogger

USA Today has profiled Postsecret founded (and blogger) Frank Warren:

Frank Warren is knee-deep in secrets: They’re overflowing boxes, piled on tables, leaning against walls – closing in on 30,000 at last estimate, and hundreds of new ones are arriving every week.

Warren is unperturbed; secrets have become his life. Not his secrets, mind you – America’s secrets. And they’re beginning to make him famous. He has become an award-winning blogger, a first-time author, an artist with a traveling exhibit, a possible documentary subject, the inspiration for a music video and the all-around media “it” boy of the moment.

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Postsecret is one of my favorite websites – you just never know what you’re going to find when you load up the page.. happiness, mixed with joy and sadness…

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  • Rewrite your headline. The profile is by USA Today, not the Argus Leader. The byline makes that perfectly clear. Both are owned by Gannett. The AL is simply the vessel into which USAT pours its coverage.

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