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Arik Hesseldahl from Forbes insults bloggers

Arik Hesseldahl from Forbes insults bloggers

Arik Hesseldahl from Forbes, whilst singing the praise of audio and moblogs, chucked in this line on what he thinks about blogs and bloggers:
“endless gabbing about pretty much any topic by a few million souls with more time than talent”

Do you have more time than talent, or is Arik worried about being replaced?

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  • Arik gave Blogcritics ( a positive review before he bashed blogs. Of course, that was before he had to actually compete with bloggers. I don’t think Forbes has a blog yet, but they really do need to get one. Doesn’t look like Arik will be running it.

  • Now, come on, Arik have a blog, and he is right when speaking about the great majority of bloggers without talent! He didn’t said all of them. Look around in the blogosphere, most blogs aren’t full of talent.

  • Maybe so in your eyes Oldcola, but what right do either you or I have to criticise others based on our own personal views in relation to standards of talent? It’s one thing to criticise what a person is saying on the basis you disagree with it, it is a whole different ball game when you label everyone different to you as talent-less, or what many Left of Centre bloggers are doing now, is labelling those to the right as ignorant.
    Thoughtful debate is of benefit to us all, simplistic name calling adds nothing to the blogosphere.

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