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Arrington adds CrunchBoard to his network, rakes in the dough in the process

Arrington adds CrunchBoard to his network, rakes in the dough in the process

Michael Arrington, of TechCrunch fame, has now launched CrunchBoard, a niche job site focused on the tech & web 2.0 market.

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Arrington writes in his announcement post:

Our goal with CrunchBoard is to build the ultimate web insider’€™s network. A thirty day ad costs $200. I’€™ll consider CrunchBoard a success if we manage to put the right people together and make the entire ecosystem a little more efficient. RSS feeds are available for all listings as well as for each category.

A quick look at CrunchBoard shows 49 job postings, bringing Arrington a cool $9,800 if all of those positions were charged at the full price of $200 per posting.

Ben Metcalfe notices the same thing:

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A quick look over yesterday’€™s job posting shows that in the first 36 hrs of the site going live, 43 jobs were posted ‘€” that’€™s a revenue of $8600. Or just under $240 an hr, every hour. With what I would imagine to be very little costs associated with the operation of the site.

A nice little earner, as we say here in East London. And hey, I’€™m not knocking it – good on him for using his position to expand his website. But equally I can’€™t stop thinking that that’€™s a lot more than what most people earn doing the coding jobs, etc, that are being advertised on there.

Not a bad rate of income, I’d say. Hell, perhaps it’s time for us to revamp BloggerJobs and start charging for postings.

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