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Ars Technica Joins Wired, Reddit

Ars Technica Joins Wired, Reddit

The excellent tech site, containing even more excellent tech blogs, Ars Technica, is now owned by Condé Nast. This is supposed to be a confirmed story over at TechCrunch. Condé Nast also owns Wired and Reddit, via CondéNet. The price is not disclosed, but the story says that it’s in the $25m range for. Also, there is no official word yet.

Michael Arrington notes that Federated Media is losing Ars Technica, sporting an impressing 1.5 million unique visitors monthly, and 4 million pageviews. He also notes:

[…] but our understanding is that the actual number of unique visitors to the site is around 4.5 million

Interesting, is Comscore that far off the mark or what?

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Anyway, great call on Wired’s behalf, the two sites will certainly complement each other. It might be a good push for Reddit as well, since the tech crowd reading Ars Technica could be exposed to more Redditness.

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