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As easy as falling off a blog

As easy as falling off a blog

Apparently tech writers in England find Blogging difficult.

As easy as falling off a blog |

“The technology editor’s assignment seemed easy for a veteran tech hack like me: explore the much-hyped world of the weblog, set up my own blog and report back the findings. Seemed easy – but wasn’t.”

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  • After taking a look at his blog I can see why he wanted to move on to other hobbies. But yeah, he makes some good points. For one thing, it does take a lot of work to find things to share with people if you are trying to post more frequently than you normally would surf the internet. It is hard to be a writer when you aren’t really a reader. And yes, coming up with a good looking blog is difficult if you don’t know html but decide to set the thing up yourself instead of forking over the $100-200 a designer will charge you to put something nice together for you. So yes, cheapo, internet-phobic, non-coder types who hate to read and resent needing to do so and really just want attention anyway should probably take up a different hobby, perhaps streaking.

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