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At Twitter, Jack Is Back!

At Twitter, Jack Is Back!

The man who founded Twitter (or at the very least helped give the social network its name) has decided to take a more active role in the social network despite being CEO of another popular start up.

Today I’m thrilled to get back to work at @Twitter leading product as Executive Chairman. And yes: leading @Square forevermore as CEO. #200% (via @Jack)

Jack Dorsey was Twitter’s first CEO before being forced to trade places with co-founder Evan Williams (who was Chairman of the Board at the time).

After the tweet swap, Dorsey launched Square, which has become a hit among small business owners (to the dismay of Dorsey’s numerous rivals).

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Dorsey’s return (or rather active participation) should help Twitter gain some much needed momentum, especially with their rival Facebook attempting insert itself as the center of the Internet.

Although Twitter has a long ways to go before they can attain their goal of becoming the “pulse of the planet,” Jack’s active participation may help the company achieve that dream in the semi-distant future.

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