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Athens Olympics via blog

Athens Olympics via blog

With the Olympic Games are being held in Athens, Greece starting this week, there will be a new kid in town when it comes to Olympic News and views: Blogs. Whether from the armchair or an Athenian construction site venue, bloggers will be adding their two bobs worth on the ups and downs of the world’s biggest festival of sport. The Blog Herald takes a look at a few of the sites to watch:

Liviningroom’s Athens Olympics provides a fine commentary time straight from sofa to internet with the latest in Olympic news: definately the pick of the crop.
Olympics Blog: not so sure or maybe its the orange Blogger template?
18 Days in August
2004 Olympics continues the trend of exciting names held by those who blog using Blogger
Olympic Fever at least utilises a blue blogger template
Athens Blog looks better and provides a Canadian viewpoint
Ken Frosts Olympics 2004
Olympic volunteer Adventure follows the adventures of Kathyk in Greece

Know of any more? let us know!

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