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Awesome! Blogger Activates PubSubHubbub (AKA Real Time RSS Streams)

Awesome! Blogger Activates PubSubHubbub (AKA Real Time RSS Streams)


It looks like the boys and girls at Blogger (aka Blog*Spot) are at it again! With their 10th birthday about five days away, the Blogger team hinted that they would be rolling out some new features for Blogspot fans (one of which I can not publicly disclose here).

Blogger is rolling out PubSubHubbub to all Blogspot users, which will enable “real time publishing,” which is geek speak for instant updates to RSS feeds as soon as you hit the publish button.

(Blogger Buzz) We’re happy to announce that Blogger has rolled out support for the PubSubHubbub protocol, which turns feeds into real-time streams. What does this mean to you? As feed readers adopt PubSubHubbub, your posts will surface immediately for their users. For example, Google Reader has started rolling out support for PubSubHubbub; when it’s complete, your Blogger posts will surface in Google Reader as soon as you publish them. FriendFeed, Livedoor Reader (a feed reader popular in Japan), and FavIt already support PubSubHubbub—which means that their readers are already benefiting from this new feature.

Best of all, your blog is already broadcasting updates—you don’t need to do anything to enable it.

This news should please Blogspot fans everywhere as it means as it means their audience will be able to see the latest post as soon as possible instead of every hour (or 15 minuets which was considered “speedy” not too long ago).

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Although this originally started as a Google project, hopefully we will see other blog platforms adopt this, and if

Even though this originally started out as a Google project, hopefully Blogger will inspire its rivals to adopt this feature, as it could help spark another blog revolution (that is not centered around microblogging platforms like Twitter).

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