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b5media launches new music channel

b5media launches new music channel

b5media Inc. today announced the launch of its new music channel featuring a wide variety of blogs focused on bands, genres and geographical locations. This is b5media’s 14th channel and increases the number of blogs within the network to 230.

“Since b5media first launched in September of 2005, we’ve felt the music scene was being vastly underserved by professional blogs,” said Jeremy Wright, b5media’s CEO. “We believe that by bringing together thought leaders in the music space, new music bloggers and plain old music phreaks that we can provide a real place where music lovers from around the world can find bands, music, reviews and content they’ll love!”

The music channel portfolio, headed by channel editor Mike Laba, features blogs focused on genres such as the metal, jazz, blues, industrial and crooner scenes, as well as hotspots such as Nashville, the U.K. and Australia.

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“I’m a huge music fan, and I think music lovers are going to find our blogs to be rewarding places to discover new and exciting bands and artists within various genres and styles,” Laba said. “We’ve assembled a great group of passionate bloggers so whether it’s music discovery or re-discovery, this channel will rock all expectations.”

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