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b5media launching music channel, calling for writers

b5media launching music channel, calling for writers

I must admit I’m surprised that b5media didn’t already have a music channel, but in fact a couple of days ago they announced the launch of just that.

They expect to be covering the emerging music scene in various international cities including London, Toronto, and New York.

They also plan to cover a number of genres of music, as well as specific bands and artists, and the world of guitar playing, though presumably that will depend upon which applicants are successful.

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November Update

Contrary to some of the comments at Problogger when Darren announced it, it’s perfectly possible to have music blogs that don’t break copyright – just avoid YouTube and dodgy MP3 sites.

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  • Thanks for the note Andy.

    The reason we didn’t launch it sooner is that we didn’t feel we had the maturity in our team or the infrastructure to handle a channel this large.

    While our Entertainment/Celebs category is big, we expect the Music one to become even bigger and we wanted to make sure we did it right.

    Hope that helps :)


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