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b5media Partners With FOX

b5media Partners With FOX

Big news today in the blog network world. b5media is launching an experiment of sorts, partnering with the official wing of Fox entertainments fan club, VIP Fan Clubs. Television shows and entertainment blogs are nothing new to b5media as a large portion of their blogs are based on these genres. But this marks the first time that the network has partnered with what is termed “old media” to advance common themes.

The initial launch of FOX blogs are 24 Headquarters, Stewie’s Playground, Searching Bones and Prison Break Buff.

Jeremy Wright, President of b5media, writes about the new releases:

As of today, we are partnering with VIP Fan Clubs to produce co-branded blogs for Fox Media’€™s TV shows. The initial test run is just 4 shows, but we are confident that the initial 4 will let us figure out the best way to cross-promote the blogs from both sides of this deal.

The point is to provide high quality daily content for passionate fans of the shows. Inside information. Exclusive deals. Discounts on merchandise. The whole 9 yards.

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As a 24 fan, myself, I might have to take advantage of discounted gear. Yum.

Update: Clarified who the partnership is with. Thanks, Jeremy.

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