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Balancing Blogging and Your Family

Balancing Blogging and Your Family

When you’re blogging to share your interests with the world — and maybe make some money — it’s possible that your work will sometimes take center stage. While that’s normal, you want to make sure that it isn’t the normal way of things. It’s essential that your time is balanced between your blog and your family. That way, you still get to spend time with the people you love the most while you do the work you love and publish it for your readers.

Stick to a Schedule

Making a schedule for work and family will let you make sure your focus is on what you’re doing. If you’re trying to balance both at once — like making dinner or playing a game with your family while focused on your blog mentally — you won’t be able to fully experience either activity. Doing things at the right time will ensure that you can enjoy everything you do.

To make a schedule, consider how many blogs you need to post per period, what you need to do to get each one written, and how far out you want to have your posts ready. Then write down the days that you need to have each activity done. That way you have a series of deadlines laid out that can help you get ready to go.

Plan Ahead

Of course your family takes priority over other things, but it can be frustrating when something comes up and prevents you from being able to complete a blog you need to publish. Get ahead of the problem before it starts by planning your posts ahead of time. You could write, edit, and design your posts months in advance and, by doing so, give yourself a cushion of time that means if you get busy, you don’t get behind.

You never know when an illness in the family or home disaster will require you to be away from your computer. Don’t let your stress be larger than it has to be. Have everything in place so that you can keep up with your planned blogging schedule even if your electricity is out for two weeks after a major storm or when one of your children is home sick and you can’t head out to take the photographs you need for your post.

Get Your Kids Involved

If you’re looking for a way to spend more time with your children without neglecting your blogging, consider getting them involved in both blogging itself and in the activity you blog about. That way you can teach them good tech skills and help share your interest with them. One positive thing that might come from it is that your children may be able to learn new and important skills that help further their education.

Consider making a scrapbook of their journey as they work with you. If you’re into cooking for example, it’ll be nice to look back and see them diligently trying new things — even if they don’t stick with it. It will also serve as a way to remember the years that sped by as they quickly grew from little people into independent adults.

The one caveat is that you should always make sure your children are being safe during their forays into online interaction. Check into safeguards like a parental control app for iPhone, monitoring options for Android, or programs you can install on your computer to make sure your children are safe.

Decide What to Share

There are many blogs where incorporating your family is appropriate and actually elevates your blog. Lifestyle blogs — cooking, fashion, and home improvement — will especially benefit from this. Discussing your family will help your readers see you as a real person. It will also make it easier to plan activities that everyone in your family can enjoy.

Of course, you don’t want to share everything with your readers. Consider giving family members nicknames that are cute and appropriate. Don’t share pictures that you wouldn’t want the entire world to see. It’s very important to keep some things about yourself private, even from your readers. If you’re not sure how much to share, chat with your family members and see what they’re comfortable with.

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Take a Break

Work a planned break into your yearly schedule. If you can’t have solid periods of time away from your blog and focused on your family, you’re not really having a vacation. It will help give your family time together while you get to enjoy just paying attention to them.

There are other benefits too. Time away lets you recharge your batteries and get ready to return bright-eyed and ready to write some high-quality posts.

When it comes to taking a break, also think about other areas where you could use one. If you’re spending a lot of your free time doing things like groceries or laundry, many areas have ways to outsource those chores. You can save hours of time by finding other people who you pay to take care of household items. Doing that can give you more time for both your blog and your family. If you play your cards right, the extra time blogging may even help cover the cost of the service.

Ultimately, you have to find your own balance between your blog and your family. Keep an open dialogue with the people you love about how they feel about the amount of family time you have together. Some months will be busier than others, so be sure to communicate that and then find time to spend with your family once things settle down. You can easily balance your blogging obligations and your family with a little time management and advance planning.

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