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Ballhype conduct sports blogger survey: dedicated and rewarding

Ballhype conduct sports blogger survey: dedicated and rewarding

Ballhype has just published the results of a survey it conducted amongst sports bloggers. It received 135 responses and made some interesting discoveries.

Here’s a summary of the results:

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  • 75% are employed, 18% full-time students, 6% unemployed.
  • 37% have college degrees.
  • 50% spend 1-3 hours per day on their blog, 26% 3-5 hours, 10% 5+ hours.
  • 58% say blogging is just a hobby, 26% a hobby that generates revenue, 5% full-time.
  • 30% spend 3-5 hours online daily, 41% 5-10 hours, 17% 10+ hours.
  • 31% started their blog on a whim, 26% to make their opinion heard, 21% because they found mainstream media coverage lacking in some way, under 1% to make money.
  • 49% make less than $20 per month, 33% $20-$499 per month, 16% $500+ per month.
  • 46% are the only writers for their blog. 33% have 2-3 writers, 6% have 4-5, 7% have 6-8, and 7% have 11 or more.
  • 71% say blogging is more rewarding than they expected. Just 1% say it’s less rewarding (I presume the rest stopped blogging)
  • 90% would blog full-time if they were paid to do so.

Read more detailed statistics and individual comments at Ballhype.

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  • Now we just need a similar study done for tech bloggers… :-) One thing I wanted to point out was that the 37% college-educated was among all bloggers (from the Pew study), but that among Ballhype’s respondents, 56% graduated from college, and an *additional* 26% have a post-graduate degree, so percentage of college-educated sports bloggers is actually 82%. Pretty remarkable, even allowing for sample bias among Ballhype users.

  • It does not say what percentage work on their blogs whewn they are at their other paying gig (ie updating from your job). That would likely be close to 100%!

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