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bbPress is Growing Up: 1.0 Alpha is Out Now

bbPress is Growing Up: 1.0 Alpha is Out Now

The WordPress sibling, bbPress, is growing up. 1.0 alpha is out, and although we’ll probably have to wait some time for a real release candidate, and a sharp 1.0 release, it does reminds us about the forum software project that works so nicely with WordPress. I’ve been running bbPress for some projects the last year or so, and it is pretty stable already, although upgrading can cause issues and it is a little rough around the edges. With 1.0, my patience with the platform will be shorter, because I expect a finished product. That being said, I have no reason to doubt it will be so.

So bbPress is growing up, and that might result in growth pains. The 1.0 release won’t be upgradeable from previous releases, and there will be no diff release according to the blog post, because there are too many changes. Likewise, 1.0 will break some plugins. Just a heads up for people running bbPress today, be sure to do some preliminary testing already. There is still plenty of time, but it is always a good idea to be ready.

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  • Seems so slow to be developed, bbPress. It’s a wonderful idea, but with newer competing software being much lighter than they were in the past (Even phpBB is now completely valid XHTML/CSS!) and sporting many more features, you have to wonder what the point of using bbPress is. You can usually bridge WordPress and other software, anyway.

    I hope it gets some more love now they’ve moved to the magic 1.0, and it starts to at least tackle the standard forum features (this does NOT imply bloat) that were introduced in the late 90s.

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