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“Become an online expert” and “generate a nice side-income” (in the clouds maybe)

“Become an online expert” and “generate a nice side-income” (in the clouds maybe)

I do wonder at articles on blogs that promise easy money from blogging for a very small outlay in money and time. In fact, it makes me pretty cross.

The latest version nestles itself in an article on “how to make more money by spending it”, and suggests that you can “become an online expert” by “setting up your own blog” and “generating a nice side-income online”:

It costs between $20 and $80 to set up and host a website for a year, and you can make that amount back a few times over if you educate yourself on blogging. Just as some food for thought; John Chow earns more than $30.000 a month from his blog at this point.

No pressure then. Obviously because it’s so easy to do, that’s a realistic goal for everyone to try to achieve, right?

Hang on a minute though. “It does cost time”.

Finally. But… uh-oh:

However, if you could update your website while commuting (if you use public transit), then this is nearly effortless extra cash that doesn’t tie up your regular free time.

Perhaps author Christine has a very long commute, or doesn’t get involved with the many aspects of running a successful blog, but I know that, when I was commuting, ten hours a week was not enough to maintain a blog to a level where it would grow and make significant income.

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It wasn’t “effortless” either.

Blogging may well become more popular during the current financial climate, but in my opinion it’s pretty irresponsible to suggest that just by setting up some cheap web hosting and starting to blog that you can be on to a nice little earner.

I’d rather stick to listening to established bloggers that don’t discourage people from blogging for money, but don’t suggest it’s an easy ride.

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  • It would be so easy if you only had to “educate yourself on blogging.” Unfortunately for the suckers who follow her plan, you have to be an expert in some area that people are interested in.

  • I’d love for such as expert to come and update my blogs for me so easily, so I could relax, spend more time with my family, and still get the benefits of exchanging knowledge and building my personal reputation online!

    There’s never an easy way to make lots of money – if there was, we’d all do it, raise the competition, and it would get as hard as anything else…

  • Wait. Wait just one second. You mean I won’t make 30 grand in the next month? Are you for real? That’s it. I’m outta here. I am done with this whole blogging Ponzi scheme! What’s the point in writing about something I love and connecting with other people who like the same thing if I can’t make 30 grand a month?! Pfft. Hard work is for idiots. Smart people like me sign up for get rich quick schemes on the internet.

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