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Best Backups In The Cloud: Free Services With Big Storage

Best Backups In The Cloud: Free Services With Big Storage

Dropbox Mega Google DriveThese days it seems like everything is connected to a cloud service. From our mobile phone contacts to our movies, music and even business files, we have become reliant on tech companies holding onto our personal data.

With so many files sitting on cloud servers, users can quickly find themselves practically taking out a second mortgage to pay for the safekeeping of their data.

Thankfully there are a few services that offer quick data speeds alongside a decent amount of FREE data backups.

Here our three of the best cloud-based backup service for your data needs:


Dropbox starts users with a rather low 2GB of free storage space. However, that number can be bumped up to 18GB through the platforms referral program. Users who provide their friends with a referral link to the service each receive 500MB of additional space just for having their friends sign up for the free plan.

The best part about Dropbox is that it is free to use for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile. The platform also offers constant data speeds. Some services charge extra for faster speeds, concurrent downloads, etc.

Dropbox offers folder sharing among members which makes it perfect for file sharing and data collaboration.

This industry standard is the standard for a reason and Dropbox continues to impress.

Sure, the URL for anyone not used to typing it is a bit strange, but this successor to is already becoming a powerhouse.

How does 50GB of free storage sound to you? What about super fast upload and download speeds via unmetered data port? If you want to transfer data quickly and over an encrypted system via our web browser you can’t go wrong with Mega.

I tested out the program when it launched and I immediately fell in love with the user interface. Creating a files mimics a desktop setup and the programs drag and drop functionality is amazing.

Mega allows users to view a list of files or view them in thumbnail form.

Users can also choose to share files publicy or keep them securely private.

If you need more memory 500GB starts at just $9.99 per month with a 1TB bandwidth limit.

The company’s paid service is one of the best in the industry based on price alone.

Google Drive

I have been amazed by how well Google has handled its cloud services. I may have chosen Amazon Cloud Drive over this service if Amazon offered the type of inter-account connectivity offered by Google.

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Using Google Drive’s free 5GB of storage, I create all of my spreadsheets, power point presentations and other files with ease. I then share those documents via Google Docs with my co-workers who then edit those documents in real-time.

From a collaboration point of view Google Drive is amazingly simple to implement and manage. What is most amazing though is Google’s focus on bringing together all of its services.

I picture the day when my Google+ photos auto save to my Google Drive account and then sync to my PC.

In fact, the Google Drive app, which creates a virtual drive on my computer is one of the reasons I fell in love with Google Drive.

I also love that Google Drive allows me to keep files private, share them with people I assign via email or share them with people via a public link. I can also choose to make files read only for outside viewers or turn on full editing capabilities for all users.

Still not sure what type of backup service you need for your files? I suggest checking out the website Best Backups which provides users with the ability to enter info about their own needs and then received customized suggestions.

Those are just a few of the best backups available in the cloud. Keep in mind that other competent competitors exist and depending on your personal or enterprise needs, you might want to consider paying for additional space, bandwidth and other features.



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