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Billy Strings launches exciting nationwide bluegrass tour

Billy Strings launches exciting nationwide bluegrass tour

"Bluegrass Launch"

Grammy-nominated bluegrass artist, Billy Strings, has launched a promising nationwide tour featuring his latest album, created with his father. The tour begins in Asheville, North Carolina before spanning across various cities across the nation. The performances will display the intriguing blend of traditional and contemporary acoustic music Strings is famous for, each ticket eagerly snatched up by excited fans.

The revered father-and-son dynamic on stage offers a rare opportunity for the audience to experience their musical legacy in the flesh, a testament to their barnstorming performances. Following a packed schedule until May, the tour will then take a respite in June and July before resuming and concluding at the renowned Kia Forum in Los Angeles later in the summer.

Each performance, beyond being a musical extravaganza, also encompasses a visual feast, courtesy of Lüz Studio, a Montreal-based visual design firm. Responsible for the stage lighting, captivating visuals, and engaging video content, Lüz Studio adds a distinctive flair to the shows.

Billy Strings’ nationwide bluegrass adventure

Roger Gant, a long-term crew member and lighting designer, applauds the design’s flexibility and adaptability to suit the diverse setlist and potential last-minute changes in the performances.

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All this planning, he believes, contributes to the seamless viewing pleasure of the audience, enabling them to truly appreciate the myriad nuances of each performance. As Matthieu Larivée from Lüz Studio explains, setting up the stage to accommodate extended jam sessions and various instruments like banjos, fiddles, and guitars, is a unique challenge, but one that enhances the overall spirit of the bluegrass performance.

Lastly, Gant expresses his complete satisfaction with the reliability of the fixtures used throughout the tour. Crediting them for their immense contribution to the tour’s success, he staunchly stands by their use for future shows, proving their impact on the ambiance of each performance. Together, the team’s dedication and hard work bring the best out of these bluegrass concerts, promising a memorable experience for each attendee.

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