Now Reading and YFrog team up. What does this mean for Twitpic? and YFrog team up. What does this mean for Twitpic?

bitlylogo2.pngURL Shortening service announced new partnerships with Google (Reader) and Typepad together with a new API yesterday.
Most interesting news though was the future integration of ‘upload-images-to-twitter’ service yfrog, the ImageShack service.

As for the upcoming features that we’re working on… we’re pleased to announce that one is them is a new way to use In partnership with yfrog, we’ll be rolling out a shortcut to let you upload and share photos from the homepage. links will also be available for all yfrog images.

After Twitter’s decision to integrate as standard URL sthortener and now the Google (Reader) collaboration it seems that has won the ‘Battle of the URL Shorteners’ for good. The question to ask now is: where does this leave Twitpic, the first ‘image-to-Twitter’ service and still leader in the race.

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  • Whenever I take photos with my iPhone, I generally always use TwitPic first and if it doesn’t work, I then use Yfrog. I’ll continue to use TwitPic until it disappears or i can’t access it from my phone any longer.

  • I’m in the same boat, Jeffro. All Twitter apps I have are set to use Twitpic and I will continue to do so. I also think that Bit’ly’s popularity is overblown. I would love to know how many people actually use from the site itself.

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