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Bitacle Back To Rip Your Blog Off

Bitacle Back To Rip Your Blog Off

While researching yesterday’s article on content theft reporting, I decided to check on the status of, a notorious Spanish feed scrapping aggregator fought by many in the blogosphere last fall for violating copyrights with full content feed scrapes.

Bitacle is back.

It has now changed itself into a customizable aggregator like Google Reader, Google Personal Homepage, or similar feed aggregators. However, they still have no right to full feed content from blogs which do not permit such usage. Only excerpts. If they changed their format to only include excerpts, as others who know better have done, then this wouldn’t be an issue.

To find out if you are one of the thousands of bloggers being ripped off by is not easy:

  • Bitacle search results, click title to view full page feed scrapesVisit When confronted with the “wait” warning screen, just wait through it. The page will appear.
  • Click on Aggregates in the AJAX search box.
  • Type in your blog’s title or unique words to your blog’s content.
  • Click on the post title to access that post in Bitacle.
  • If your feeds are set to excerpts/summaries, you should see excerpts. If your feeds are set to full, you will see the full post.
  • In the left sidebar, you will see other posts from your blog which Bitacle has scraped.
  • At the bottom of the page is the “page count” of the number of web pages Bitacle has scraped from your blog.

Bitacle shows number of pages scraped from your blog

Bitacle sidebar view of your postsIt takes some work and you may have to clear your browser’s cache as you look since it seems to work with cookies which keep the first blog’s list of posts in the left sidebar in place while you continue to search. You may find that hasn’t stopped at your blog’s content. They also scrape your comment feeds. adds a Digg and comment form to every post it scrapes. It used to be stuffed with ads, but I can’t seem to find any on my posts. Which could mean that reports to Adsense got results.

If you are having trouble finding your posts, you can find one of mine, the Blog Herald and the Blog Herald Japan.

In Plagiarism Today’s Bitacle: A Plan for Action, tips for what won’t and will work are outlined. What will work includes:

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  • Submission of DMCA notice of copyright violation to Adsense.
  • Filing a DMCA notice with Google, Yahoo and MSN.

I still believe that sending an English and Spanish translation email or letter to and/or their host may get a response, at least on a case-by-case basis. The EU supports copyright laws, to my knowledge.

You can also get more information from

Stop Content Theft BadgeStop iconAt the very least, remind and others that your content isn’t for the taking with a Stop Content Theft Button or Badge. heard our battle cry last time. When we fought back, Bitacle changed their copyright notice to “Articles are copyrighted by their respective authors.” Well, my copyright says they have no right to use my full content only excerpts. They are still in violation of my copyright. What about yours?

Lorelle VanFossen blogs about blogging and WordPress on .

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  • Wow, someone is angry!

    Well, for the record they do not seem to be messing with my blogs (which may be due to the fact that I’ve sent out more Cease and Desist orders, giving thieves the option of facing me in court or removing the content).

    Thanks for the tip regarding this…I’ll keep an eye out for the future!

  • But Darnell, I believe Bitacle is based in Spain, so they’re not likely to back down with C&D’s. Still, good for you you’re not being scraped, even by other scrapers. :)



  • Doesn’t the Bitacle fetcher leave a referrer? And didn’t block Bitacle months ago already?

    None of my sites is scraped by Bitacle (is Bad Behavior to blame for this?) otherwise I’d love to write a little Howto block Bitacle with htaccess.

    I know, not hard to do, but it would be nice if everyone here could just copy&paste the htaccess rules, with correct Bitacle referrer and IP. I think that would really aid many BH readers.

    Also, in many cases it helps to send a DMCA to the hoster of scraping/stealing webmaster. Hosting companies (in many countries) MUST take down sites after a DMCA complaint.

    @ Angelo, yes Bitacle is in Spain and Spain has not adopted DMCA policies in the same way other countries have done.

  • Not sure, Franky, but if it’s scraping full RSS feeds it can get them from any aggregator, so there’s no way to stop it if you choose to publish full feeds.

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