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Bizarre survey says Bloggers shouldn’t post personal information

Bizarre survey says Bloggers shouldn’t post personal information

A bizarre survey from US hosting company Hostway has found that 80% of people believe that bloggers shouldn’t post sensitive information such as home addresses and other personal information about private citizens.

The survey is bizarre only that it singled out blogs and not internet sites in general, where the result would probably have been pretty much the same.

The same survey also stated that 72 percent favored censorship of personal information about celebrities on blogs, and 68 percent, information about elected or appointed government officials such as judges or mayors.

Interesting again is that 30% of the respondents had never heard of blogs before taking the survey and only 30% had knowingly visited a blog.

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(via CNet, not that they’d link to us for a story)

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  • Yup, and maybe we should abolish phone books too.

    and maps — oh golly, can’t have people using maps AND phone books! Not only can people figure out “sensitive ” info such as where you live, they can figure out how to get there WITHOUT EVEN BEING INVITED!

    Oh my…

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