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Blackberry: Facebook For Playbook Is Now Relevant Again

Blackberry: Facebook For Playbook Is Now Relevant Again

Despite being about half the size of rivals like iPad 2, Playbook is currently the only tablet blessed with an “official” Facebook app.

Until recently the Facebook for Playbook app wasn’t very impressive when compared with official apps upon iPhone and Android (which was disappointing considering the power of RIM’s tablet).

Fortunately it looks like RIM has revamped their Facebook app as their latest update makes using Facebook much more enjoyable experience.

We think Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users are going to love this new feature. Using the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s high-resolution video recorder, you can shoot a video and upload it on the spot, or select an existing video from your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s media library and upload it to Facebook. How cool (and easy) is that? (Official Blackberry Blog)

The latest update also gives users the ability to upload photos to specific albums, as well as giving RIM fans the ability to finally delete messages (a feature long overdue in my honest opinion).

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Facebook for Playbook app is not officially supported by the social networking giant, although it does look like they extensive help from Facebook building creating the app.

Hopefully RIM will consider porting some of these features upon Blackberry devices in order to help make them much more competitive against their iOS and Android brethren.

For those of you sporting a Blackberry Playbooks, what are your thoughts regarding the latest update to the Facebook app?

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