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Blog Action Day 2008 Launches

Blog Action Day 2008 Launches

Over at, the launch of the 2008 Blog Action Day has been announced.

August 15 2008, Blog Action Day has launched. In the next two months we hope to encourage thousands of bloggers, podcasters and videocasters to learn about poverty, and on October 15, take action. This might be through posting on the theme of poverty and educating your readers about the issues and actions they might take, it might be donating your day’s earnings – there are many ways you can get involved.

An annual non-profit event that aims to bring bloggers all over the world together in discussing a chosen theme, Blog Action Day for this year will focus on poverty. With the diverse backgrounds of bloggers, it is hoped that the issues at hand will be better discussed. And as a blogger, or as a blog reader, you can help in many ways. First, for a single day out of your daily schedule, you can post about poverty. Or perhaps you can donate a day’s earnings to your chosen charity.

In my case, I live in a country where more than 70% of the population lives below the poverty line. With prices of food, energy and other commodities always on the rise, and with income not always able to catch up adequately, more and more peope are living in difficulty. A lot are forced to go abroad for better opportunities, often leaving their families behind for extended periods.

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The opportunities to help fight poverty are endless. And even blogging, the blogosphere and new media have helped the needy in more than one way. For example, new media gives people opportunities to earn money in ways never before possible. Instead of looking for work abroad, people can now earn from writing work, or other home-based jobs like virtual assistance, design and even programming, thus saving on a lot of expenses. I know a lot of people who had been able to improve their lives through blogs and blogging, and other new media.

How about you? Are you participating in this year’s Blog Action Day? And how do you plan to help fight (or at least discuss) poverty?

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  • I’m participating and I’ll likely be pulling up one of my older posts about working in a women’s shelter.

  • We’re doing 24+ posts in 24 hours to spark the discussion in our community (Austin, TX U.S.A). We’re producing videos and asking people “on the street” about their take on poverty and what regular people can do about it. Glad to hear others are engaged in this effort.


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