Blog burnout spreading

6 weeks after conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan announced that he was resting the Daily Dish, blog burnout appears to be spreading with an announcement from Microsoft uber-blogger Robert Scoble that he is giving up his well regarded link blog due to family considerations. The decision by Scoble has also seen other high profile bloggers pondering the time blogging is taking up each day with Neville Hobson writing: “[blogging] takes up a lot of time! If you run a blog as a labour of love, you will face a crunch sooner or later as you try and juggle your love with the others things you do, professionally and personally, that enable you to earn your crust and actually have a life.”

There is little doubt that as more blogs enter the blogosphere and the long tail becomes even longer that the fight for relevance and market will see more top bloggers suffer burnout as corporate blogging continues to have the upper hand over what has previously been the domain of amateurs and hobbyists.

(via Steve Rubel)

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  • If they give you more grief than joy, I think it is very acceptable. And, one has to look down on what the reader really wants – dozens of postings every day? Or better quality in a few postings?

    The fun is, that RSS allows bloggers to rely on the fact, that people won’t unsucbscribe that fast, only because there was no new posting each day. :)

  • “Corporate bloggers” taking over?
    Oh what a load of crap! The fact is that a different breed of AMATEUR bloggers are taking over, REAL amateurs, not “journalist” hacks that grab all the media attention. Once they got their 15 minutes of fame, they walked. And they were never that good anyway. For every one of the media darling high profile bloggers, there are hundreds of more qualified and more talented unknown amateurs. You got the “long part” right, but the “Corporate bloggers” phrase was just some journalistic cliche you tossed out.

  • Blogging has brought me many great things. Balance is hard to achieve, though. Blogging for me is a lifestyle, not a job. So it makes it harder.

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