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As we reported earlier, Blog Explosion has been up for sale over the past several weeks, with the sale being brokered by b5media’s Jeremy Wright.

The owners of Blog Explosion are now reporting that the site has been sold:

We are pleased to announce that BlogExplosion has been sold to Stephen Sartain and a group of private investors this weekend. We had competitive bids all through last week and finally was decided on Saturday afternoon.

Stephen has bought two sites from us previously with great results and has extensive experience running sites like BlogExplosion. Our final closing price was in the six figures and well beyond our minimum bid of $100,000. We also want to extend a huge thanks to Jeremy Wright for doing an amazing job brokering the sale of BlogExplosion for us.

Jeremy Wright adds:

Yep. My first six figure sale. Thanks to the team that helped out, specifically Ingrid Diaz for the incredible help putting together a kickass buyer’€™s package PDF in under 24 hours. I’€™m really, really happy for the team. Of course you always want to see a client get more, more, more, but this is a really good deal with someone the entire team is happy with.

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The sale of Blog Explosion marks the largest blog sale that I’m aware of other than the purchase of Weblogs, Inc. by AOL. Prior to that, the only sizable blog sale that I’m aware of is our own purchase of Blog Herald earlier this year.

Jeremy comments on his blog that he has no intention of brokering another large sale in the near future. I can comment having seen the sales material that he put together for the Blog Explosion sale that should he ever wish to broker blogs fulltime, I believe that he’s found the magic formula for doing so. Well done.

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  • As a note, there have been a fair number of 6 figure sales before, and BE isn’t the largest sale by far. Thanks for the vote of confidence though ;-)

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