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Blog Herald Week In Review: Google+ Goes Public, StumbleUpon Announce Changes And More

Blog Herald Week In Review: Google+ Goes Public, StumbleUpon Announce Changes And More

social mediaThis week has been one of big changes as Google+ rolled out to the general public, Facebook announced massive upgrades to their social networking system and StumbleUpon managed to anger users a month ahead of their proposed changes. Here’s 5 stories from the last week you should be sure to check out.


Google+ Ditches Private Invite-Only Status, Welcomes Everyone To Platform

Google+ managed to attract more than 30 million users to their new social network when it was in closed beta with private Google and user invites only and this week they announced that anyone can now join and enjoy the network. With Facebook fans angered over the networks newest changes to profiles Google+ could have a big month ahead of them in terms of user number growth.

StumbleUpon About To Piss Off Users By Removing Groups And Discontinuing Theme Selection

StumbleUpon this week announced that towards the end of October they will be rolling out a more simplified blogging experience for users while ditching their groups features and reverting back to just a single theme that offers a white background with black text. The last two changes have angered a large part of StumbleUpon’s user base.

Facebook Officially Announces Spotify Integration During F8 Conference 

Facebook and Spotify have officially announced their partnership. The new integration brings music directly to a users newsfeed and according to Spotify beta testers of the program have been more likely to buy a Spotify subscription. Users of the integrated platform are also said to be more eclectic with their music listening.

Blogging, Privacy and the New Facebook 

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Resident blogging law expert Jonathan Bailey explores how blogging and the new Facebook platform affects the lives of internet users. Jonathan’s examines the basics of privacy on the open web and teaches users what to watch for when sharing their profiles for possibly everyone to see.

Groupon COO Departs As Company Corrects IPO Offering For Third Time 

Groupon is quite possibly having their worst week ever. First the company lost COO Margo Georgiadis back to Google and then they announced a new revenue accounting model that cut 2010 revenues by 50% which led to an amended SEC filing for their IPO which they hope to launch in October. The SEC amendment is the third for the company since initial public offering discussions began.

So there you have it, changes to the social and sharing landscape, a company on the verge of losing their luster and privacy concerns that internet users should more closely examine.

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