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Blog Hops: Networking the Web 

Blog Hops: Networking the Web 

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Networking online is similar to networking in real life. Yet, you may not always need to dress up in fancy clothes and have cocktail hour events. Many networking events will be online through online chat rooms and other mediums, such as blog hops. 

Networking is how you will gain new followers, subscribers, and readers. Word of mouth is still very much alive in today’s age of everything being online. 

You can join online forums to chat with other similar niche bloggers. Facebook groups and online groups exist that meet over Zoom or through another video chat platform. This way, you get to know each other and work not only as a professional resource but as a personal one as well. 

Do Your Research

You will never be able to rid yourself of continuing education, or researching while you are in a field involving different publics and any sort of academia. In this case, blogging and curating that blog for the enjoyment of others can take some research. On the other hand, growing the blog through other people can take some research as well. Take the time to learn about the other person or persons you are meeting online through networking events. Or even meeting casually through engagement on each other’s postings. Learn who they are, why they are blogging, and what you could be able to teach each other right off the bat. You will almost always be able to learn from each new person you meet. Additionally, the opposite is true and they can learn from you. 


Have a specific goal in mind when attending any virtual networking events or when setting up any sort of meet-up with new people. How can that person help you, and what are you hoping to gain from the experience both immediately and in the future? Going into the introduction with goals will help to set yourself up for success to continue growing your blog. 

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Remember that networking can be your best friend, but remember you must treat it as such. Think of networking like a plant, if you don’t water your house plants, they will shrivel up and stop producing new fruit or leaves. The same goes for joining blog hops and networking. If you stop contributing to the relationships being built through your network, you will lose future connections, and your current ones will no longer continue to put in effort towards their relationship with you.

Networking is a great way to not only meet new people but grow your blog and passion in the process. This article should leave you with a few tips, tricks, and words of wisdom to get you moving in the right direction to grow your online network. 

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