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Blog Money Experiment

Blog Money Experiment

“The Blog Experimenter” an anonymous blogger, has started an interesting blog which tracks his efforts to make money from blogging.

Blog Money Experiment” Blog detalis the creation of a blog, referred to as “the money blog” (with actual site left undisclosed) which has been setup with the sole purpose of making money.

He has set up some guidelines and writes: “I hope to trace my effort at making a profitable blog each and every step of the way. If I am successful, Blog Money Experiment will become a handy guide for others seeking to blog their way to extra spending money. If I fail, it will become a nice little lesson on what doesn’t work. I plan to credit sources for my ideas and approaches when I can. I hope to get some of the “experts” to stop by and lend their input to the experiment.”

An interesting and developing site for those interested in seeing what others are doing to create revenue.

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