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Blog Press cross-platform blogging app released for iPhone

Blog Press cross-platform blogging app released for iPhone

Coollittlethings Studio has added its own software to the mix of blogging applications for the iPhone in the shape of Blog Press (iTunes Store link).

Unlike some other general blogging tools for the iPhone which have missed out one or more key blog platforms, the developers claim it works happily with all the major players — that’s Blogger, Windows Live Spaces, WordPress, Movable Type, and TypePad.

It supports photo uploading from a Picasa Web Album or Blog Press Public Album (both of which would need to be set up first, naturally). It’s not clear whether you can also grab photos from the iPhone’s albums, as you would with most other applications.

Blog Press supports WYSIWYG editing of text and photos, and automatically saves drafts in case of an incoming phone call. It can also manage multiple blog accounts.

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It launched today in the App Store, and is at version 1.0.0, but at least you can be fairly confident of updates coming as and when bugs are found. It costs £5.99 (probably around $9.99?) so it requires a little financial investment, and if you’re only interested in blogging for one platform, you might try the free WordPress or TypePad blogging applications instead.

Anyone tried it? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • That was fast! I just downloaded it this morning (and was going to write a review about it for tomorrow–I guess I’ll have to scratch that off the list).

    It does have a few bugs in it however, which may make the price a little steep. Ironically, this may be the the first “unofficial” iPhone app for both Blogger and Movable Type, as well as one that is compatible with all WordPress blogs (and not merely those who have upgraded above 2.5–or is it 2.6?).

  • Still worth reviewing it, Darnell. I haven’t downloaded it yet, mainly because I don’t do a lot of blogging from my iPhone, and I can actually get by accessing the control panels for WordPress and Movable Type – I usually use the iPhone for editing and moderating comments rather than full-blown blogging.

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