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Blog spammers rally against Blogger flag day

Blog spammers rally against Blogger flag day

Hilarious stuff from the world of blog spamming with leading spam blog promoter Rick Butts warning clients by email and on his blog (rel=”nofollow”used) about the proposed “Flag Day” on Google’s Blogger.

Butts warns his clients that he has always advocated not being in the Blogger Index to start with (ie accessible using the “next” button) but even more hilariously tries to play the innocent victim facing a wild mob of evil “dogooders” (his words).

Some choice quotes (WARNING!!: you will laugh and laugh long and loud once you read this)

…When they find an offending blog – they gleefully report it to Blogger as spam and giggle and dance and pat themselves on the back for being such wonderful people…Maybe they even Blog about how many “kills” they make. Now THAT is valuable blogging, isn’t it? Don’t you want to read this important content?…..I have never understood people who want so badly to mess with other people, who will volunteer the precious time of their lives, in order to mess someone else up – instead of, uh, something productive…..I’m sure they spend a good deal of time posting to forums, and forwarding dumb emails, and reporting spam. They remind me of the “Lane Monitors” you see on the freeway….The folks who get in the fast lane and drive exactly 1 mile under the speed limit forcing every faster car to pass on the right. And they will lock into this mode for miles because “they are right.”….To them I say – get a life.

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Mr Butts, to you we say: rot in hell! Lucky for you flag day has got as much chance of being successful as the Bush Administration has of defending the response to Hurricane Katrina!

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  • I frankly can’t believe he has 1) The nerve to say that and 2) that he actually believes what he’s doing is productive. I really can’t remember the last time anyone thought of spam as productive. I wonder if *his* comments working. Unfortunately he’s on 3.17 which doesn’t have the load problems previous versions did…shame.

  • I have Mr. Butts on my radar now. Here are his so called “customers”. Feel free to flag away. Just so you know some of these splogs are filled with pornography. You can also report splogs to Blogger at [email protected].

  • sorry but I just to make a comment … after laughing till I (nearly) stopped!!!

    Is this guy serious??? How dare we try to stand in the way of shonky fruitcakes like this guy while he tries to make a decent hard-earned living (core of his business: spamming the crap out of everything) off the backs of real blogs. Geez, we ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

    Apologies Mr Butts (oooh, jokes are a flooding on that name, sorry), we’ll now stand back and offer our apologies and let you on your way as you drown us in your filth.

    I never really could understand people …. hang on, the drivel he wrote from the quote you pulled could easily be turned around and applied to idiots like him – lazy bums who don’t want to start, run and build up a reputable business.

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