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Blog World Expo This Weekend: The Best of Blogging

Blog World Expo This Weekend: The Best of Blogging

Blog World Expo is in Las Vegas this weekend, September 20-21, 2008. I’m going to be there with , Layered Tech, and , and from the look of the Conference Schedule, so is everyone else.

The list of Exhibitors in the Exhibition Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center this year is incredibly diverse. So many companies want to reach out to bloggers, and so many blog, social media, and web technologies are popping up everywhere – it’s going to be interesting to learn what’s hot, what’s not, and what will be the future of the web.

Some of the exhibitors I hope to meet up with include:

Whew! When am I going to have time to check out the incredible speakers and visit with the other attendees?

The event’s workshops and seminars are broken up into specialties. They include the core Blog World Expo Conference events and some “sub-conference” events within the conference.

Executive and Entrepreneur Conference is the core of Blog World Expo and highlights include:

The Citizen Journalism Workshop is geared towards blogging journalists and bloggers who “report” the news. The workshops cover:

The Real Estate Blogworld sessions are jam-packed with a ton of great seminars on marketing, promotion, networking, technology, and more targeted towards the real estate market, but with many events that could easily cross borders such as:

The b5media Blogger Summit is targeted towards b5media members and those interested in being a part of the growing blog network. Their programs also include information on creating and working with a blog network, and blog business tips such as:

An interesting collection of seminars comes under the title, GODBLOGCON. It’s focus is on the growing industry of faith-based blogs and they have some interesting programs including:

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It appears that most of the focus of this section is for Christians. I do hope they will also include the other larger religions and how they are using blogs to set an example and promote their own religions. Part of the magic of blogging is how it crosses borders so everyone can learn from each other.

Find Me at Blog World Expo and You’ll Win a Prize

Sunday, September 21, from 3:00 – 4:00PM is The Stats of High Performance Content and Marketing which will feature myself and John Pozadzides and Liz Strauss. I will also occasionally be found in the Exhibition Hall in booth 220 with Layered Tech, , and .

I’ve only scratched the surface of all the amazing events and speakers. I’m having trouble deciding which one to go to. Which would you recommend?

And if you are going to be there, be sure and track me down. I’ll be handing out free hugs. :D

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  • Hey Lorelle and Blog Herald readers, will be there in full force including Adam Ostrow, Editor-in-Chief and Pete Cashmore, Founder. Looking finally to meeting you and all of the great companies you mentioned!

    (btw, we use Woopra and it ROCKS!)

  • Lorelle,
    I too am really looking forward to the event and am struggling with which sessions to attend. There are so many great presentations and speakers.

  • Hi Lorelle,

    While Publishers Union of Bloggers is excited about this event, we also advise you Publishers Union of Bloggers currently advise ALL Publishers hold off installing any Lijit Software on their blogs pending both Lijit’s promised upcoming transparency from Lijit concerning revenue and Lijit’s current ‘terms of use’ which gives Lijit free reign concerning use of your content once our Publishers install Lijit Software into their blog.

    Any thoughts on these critical issues for Pub’s, pass it on, all appreciate it.

    Founder, P.U.B.

  • @ Barney Moran:

    Interesting. I’ve heard about this, but I’ve also checked out your blog and find no updated information, news, or resources on this topic. As much as your point is valid, it’s hard to take seriously.

    A union for bloggers should surely have a more active blog, right? I think what you are doing is great, but we bloggers stand behind active participants in the community.

    I’m looking into this more, and do hope your site will be a resource and reference soon.

  • Lorelle,

    P.U.B will release a compendium of links to blogs like yours concerning the Lijit Issue as its discussed to date. What better resource than our blog community do you recommend?

    Thanks for the request for more info and posting P.U.B.’s advisory on your blog. If you uncover any related info, please pass it on….


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