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Blog Your Way to Antarctica

Blog Your Way to Antarctica

Are you an “an adventurous spirit” with a “keen sense of observation” and has the ability to write with “style and imagination”? Then you can apply for a free trip to Antarctica, where you’ll be the in-house blogger, in 2010. And guess what, you don’t need any blogging experience at all, which means that there’ll be a ton of applicants to the position, which is really a free trip for two. Still, pretty cool, so you might want to give it a go.

Hat tip: Quick Online Tips

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  • It is a fierce set of competitors to get to Antarctica and I’ve thrown my hat into the fray. If I win, I’m looking forward to bringing my style of blogging – introducing science and nature in an exciting way to audiences who normally think that science is boring or unattractive. Check out my nature blog, then check out my contest entry page and vote me.


  • I am also competing. I see this as a real opportunity for a writer, not for a scientist or someone whose political views may color the experience one way or another. Obviously this is an assignment for a naturalist, but ideally one who can convey what they’re experiencing in a way that interests others, and in a way that others can understand.

    After all, Quark is trying to sell more trips to (essentially) tourists.

    Check out my entry and vote for me here:

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