Now Reading Unveils Redesign, New Features Unveils Redesign, New Features has unveiled a new front page design and several new features.

Among the announced site enhancements:

* New front page design and navigation allows readers to easily access and comment upon more than 60 new stories everyday. A new streamlined interface features stories that are published horizontally, allowing readers to find the latest news, opinions, and reviews around the clock.

* Politics column In the Middle features two writers from opposite ends of the political spectrum who attempt to shove aside partisanship and civilly hash out important issues of the day. This week, Phillip Winn and Eric Berlin take on the ongoing struggle in Iraq and muse about the future of war in the Media Age.

* Recurring Features collect the columns of’s more prolific contributors. Highlights from recent editions of more than forty regular features include:

o Mark Saleski’s latest Friday Morning Listen recalls the era of vinyl records and nostalgic spins of R.E.M.’s Murmur.
o Books Editor DrPat’s New Books unfurls a lost Truman Capote novel and dishes out encyclopedic literary references along the way.
o Space Program Notes, by Bennett Dawson, looks at the Space Shuttle debate and the future of the International Space Station.

* Blogcritics Radio Podcast covers the best audio content of the week from’s crack team of podcasters. Podcasting Blogcritics include Northern Ireland native Duke De Mondo’s popular Mondo Radio show and DJRadiohead’s DJRadiohead Experience.

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* New content sections are in the works that will nearly double the current offering of Music, Books, Video, Culture, and Politics. They include:

o Sports ‘€“ From baseball in Cleveland to Premier League English football in Manchester, will have an opinion.
o SciTech ‘€“ Innovations and developments in science and technology will see expanded coverage.
o Gaming ‘€“ Video games, computer games, and online gamers will have a new and favorite home.

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