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Blogger Billionaire Mark Cuban Bans Blogging

Blogger Billionaire Mark Cuban Bans Blogging

American billionaire slash entrepreneur slash blogger slash Dallas Mavericks owner has banned full-time bloggers from the NBA teams locker room.

According to Deadspin: “Mark Cuban dislikes bloggers who aren’t him.”

The Dallas Morning News, which employs the only writer that’s been banned so far, claims that the new policy contradicts language on the team’s season media passes. Press are allowed access to all media areas, including locker rooms.

Hmmmm. So is Cuban, who has made millions off of blogging now saying that they are not true media? The new policy banishes writers whose “primary purpose is to blog.”

The banned blogger was booted the same day a story that was critical of the Mavs coach was published.

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The NBA, and other sport organizations, should reassess their media plans and make sure they offer consistent access for bloggers and other members of the media.

This story puts the “I” in irony.

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