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Blogger ‘Burn’

Blogger ‘Burn’

Last month, over at Broken Kode, Khaled wrote a little bit about blogger burn:

The past month has definitely felt the pangs of blogger burn. I’€™ve got less energy to blog about things that I feel passionate about. For some reason I seemed to have lost a bit of the way regarding what it is that made me blog in the first place.

I completely understand what he’s talking about. One of the reasons that I decided to take last week off is that I was finally feeling the pressures brought on by blogging six to seven days a week on several blogs – while trying to balance a difficult personal situation, client work, and graduate school. It’s enough to drive someone batty.

Writing, and writing well, is not an easy thing to do for anyone. Even more so if you’re working against your own deadlines and sets of expectations, much like one sees here at The Blog Herald.

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In any event, my blogger burn is gone, and I’m looking forward to sharing more from around the blogosphere in the coming weeks.

What do you do to prevent blogger burn?

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  • Take long walks with my mother while she is here in Vancouver visiting for the next week.

    To prevent burnout I delve into other areas of creativity, i.e. – gardening, dog-sitting, hoola hooping, drawing, frisbee etc.

    I find Matt being physically active helps a lot : ).

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