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Regardless of whether you love Google’s publishing platform or prefer another service, the results apparently speak for themselves.

After testing 5 major blogging services, Blogger not only defeated rivals like, Typepad and the ever popular Tumblr, but also was the only service to boast a perfect uptime.

The winner was without a doubt Google’s Blogger. The Blogger blogs didn’t have any downtime whatsoever during the two months we monitored them, followed by which had very little downtime. Typepad deserves an honorable mention here as well. Posterous had somewhat mixed results, but overall receives a passing grade. Tumblr was the only service in the test that truly failed. (Royal Pingdom) came in second, followed by Typepad, Posterous and Tumblr (the latter who received a failing grade due to their recent downtime).

According to Pingdom tests, Posterous apparently is having trouble with fans using custom domains, as the those blogs not only loaded much slower than sites underneath the corporate sub-domain, but also timed out much more frequently.

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The perfect uptime of Blogger is a testament to the engineers behind Blogspot, who have in the past fought against DDoS attacks as well trying to provide enough resources to scale the platform (as Blogger has yet to be dethroned by rivals like and Tumblr).

Google is already celebrating the news which could help the company convince Google App users to adopt Blogger as their preferred publishing platform instead of choosing to self host their blog (or even select one of their competitors).

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