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Blogger Goes Lijit With Search

Blogger Goes Lijit With Search

You probably have noticed that many blogs (including this one) use LIJIT as their search engine provider. Well now the search specialists have unveiled a new tool: Blog and Social Content Search Gadget for Blogger.

With so many bloggers utilizing multiple social networks, LIJIT set out to yield search results that are unified across a writer’s blog AND their 2.0 activities on popular sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and YouTube.

The new search gadget is made possible by recent (and desperately needed!) updates to the Blogger platform. This improvement includes better integration with Google Friend Connect and a lightbox feature which permits gadgets, such as Lijit’s, to display information as a layer.

I am a fan of search overlay and have been utilizing the Wibiya toolbar. However, this new gadget is a welcome addition for Blogger users.

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From the press release:

“Bloggers represent some of the most sophisticated and tech-savvy publishers on the Internet. Our extensive research shows that bloggers use on average more than 5 social media and content tools in addition to their core blog site to generate and share content,” said Todd Vernon, CEO and founder of Lijit Networks. “Enabling readers of Blogger blogs to leverage search and discover a unified set of results across a publisher’s blog as well as social content sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and YouTube is a tremendous value-add for Blogger publishers.”

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