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Blogger & Podcaster’s first issue now online

Blogger & Podcaster’s first issue now online

The Blog Herald’s editor Tony Hung wrote about Blogger & Podcaster, the trade magazine that covers blogging and podcasting, being launched. The online version of the magazine’s first issue is now finally up. Impressive at 48 pages, its content and online presentation makes plus the fact of being the first issue makes it a compelling read. We say, not bad and looking forward to next issue.

Read the first issue it here.

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  • I haven’t read it yet because I dislike the online version interface. Am I the only one who would love a downloadable PDF? Or are they afraid of copying?

  • Who in their right mind wants to read an online magazine that on the first page (after the cover page) starts talking and making noises? Go to the “file” menu and see an option for “save for offline reading.” Choose it, and get a silly message about don’t clear your cache, use Internet Explorer to browse offline. Ridiculous. There are other browsers out there you know.

    PDF would be fine. Zinio (still around?) would be fine. Heck, online magazines are usually called blogs, aren’t they? Simply release one article a day for a month. Or three a week, or whatever the rate would be, and then when you’re done with that issue, you release the next one.

    I was looking forward to reading through this magazine, but not anymore.

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