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Blogger wages discussed (with numbers!)

Blogger wages discussed (with numbers!)

David over at Blogging Pro wrote a nice post on how much you should charge or pay per post, it works both ways really. It’€™s worth a read as is, but what the post truly needed was the follow-up (pushed forth by yours truly and other commenters over there) with actual numbers so that beginners and uncertain publishers has something to go on.

All in all it’€™s a good read for all start-ups out there. Do keep in mind that it’€™s all advice and what it comes down to is your particular situation, be it as a writer or publisher.

I get paid $1,000 per post, just for comparison. But I am a masterful negotiator so you should probably aim a bit lower. And Swedish, don’€™t forget that. We have the highest taxes in the world you know’€¦

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