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Bloggers offer no apologies over impact on news

Bloggers offer no apologies over impact on news

Ana Marie Cox has summed up blogging nicely, in noting to a conference on the weekend that blogs provide a quicker response to breaking news by major media outlets, with OJR’s Mark Glaser noting “Things get picked up by bloggers that take awhile to get picked up by the mainstream media”.

Mindy McAdams, a University of Florida journalism professor, urged bloggers to adhere to ethical standards held by mainstream journalists; “Our credibility is suffering with so many people rushing to publish things without checking them out…it doesn’€™t give people who call themselves journalists an excuse to not check out the information.”

We say: ethical standards held by mainstream journalists? When did conspiracy to withhold news and manufacture stories become ethical?

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  • I don’t read blogs for the news; rather, I read blogs for the views. I write them too. Read my blogs! That is, if you can find them. I warn you: Google’s BlogSearch can’t find them; Yahoo’s new MyWeb 2 can’t find them. I’m sure there are hundreds of thousands more sight unseen. What’s the matter: Google and Yahoo can’t see quality when they confront it? What about you?

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