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Bloggers targeting CNN

Bloggers targeting CNN

Rebecca MacKinnon reports that right-wing blogs are targeting CNN over comments made by Eason Jordan, Chief News Executive of CNN at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, in which he alleged that the U.S. military had been targeting journalists in Iraq.

During one of the discussions about the number of journalists killed in the Iraq War, Eason Jordan asserted that he knew of 12 journalists who had not only been killed by US troops in Iraq, but they had in fact been targeted. He repeated the assertion a few times, which seemed to win favor in parts of the audience and cause great strain on others.

Forumblog covers the comments in further detail. Hugh Hewitt has a list of blogs covering the comments.

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  • Republicans shouldn’t be surprised by this, it is what they do best. Anything dirty to win, including killing the messanger. Anybody who is DUMB enough to be suckered in by that liar Bush deserves what they get. Go ahead change social security, but i would save my money if i were you. The Liars in the white house will make SURE it goes broke, and they get all the money in the SS trust fund. Me I am a Demo and very rich on the west coast, not in the midwest where the fools live. Ha ha ha. Enjoy your street corner when your old, poor republican fools.

  • I bet Longstreet is one of those Christo-Nazi’s where hate is spewed at every church meeting where they discuss there fictional Bible. Lots of people in this country find your bogus bible a load of crap. It WILL be the undoing of the republicans soon enough. Go back to your church your brainwashing isn’t complete enough. Kepp it up the rotten work Longstreet Mr. Bush and his cronies need more of you,your children and gandchildrens money. What a fool

  • I second Longstreet. Keep it up Dean. This country needs more rational, clear headed voices in the Democrat party.
    Look where the hate comes from.
    Two out of three comments on this topic.
    When you point a finger, the rest point back at you.

  • To CNN and especially Wolf Blitzer:
    If I did what you are trying to do, during a war, I would consider myself a Traitor and should be sent to jail or shot as it used to be. Read the Bible for Gods thoughts on this type or action. Stop all of the polls and lobbying against our President and the military in harms way in the world. Now is the time to say this on Veterans Day. I am sick of CNN blaming everthing on the President. He is doing his job as he promised in the last election. If you were in a foxhole in Iraq would you appreate no support from home? I plan to shut off CNN from my TV even though I have watched it for many years in our country and around the world. See attached memo that I sent to you and you refused to print or air.

    President Bush:

    Some party has been deliberately bashing the President on every possible event that comes up or might come up. It is my belief that the Democrats, the press, the television press and most of the rest of the Country for spite and political gain. In the meantime while all of this is going we are not getting any needed items from the Democrats. What are they being paid for? The following are examples, 1. calling the President a liar, cheat, spent too much on Disaster aid to help the people. Now believe it or not a poll claims to not want Federal help. 2) Leaking secret jails for CIA as well as showing them and debating what these are for. They also say that we are using torture (Its amazing that the Terrorist are shooting, cutting heads off, car bombs for men, women and children as well at the Police, churches, etc. 3) Playing games with Supreme Court nominees. The alleged leaks for our woman secret service agent. Convicting people without a trial and putting it our on TV, newspapers, etc. I personally do not believe most of it and when Bush has found out about a specific threat he has replaced them or otherwise fixed the alleged problem. 5. Showed on TV, newspaper, interviews on TV, etc. as follows:
    a. We cannot defend our city mass transit. b. We cannot defend against chemical weapons. We cannot defend out Power Plants as well as the electric system and on and on. c. People in the Senate call Bush a liar and said he wanted to go to war: I thought that the, UN and Congress Approved all of this? Except maybe for his candidate in the last Presidential election who said I approved the war then I voted against it. As I recall, Clinton was for the war and now he is against it. How many of the people in our country believe all of the half or mistruths now when most do not know a damn thing about war or the details. It seems that Democrats don’t have anything to do but lie and snarl up every thing so nothing or very little. I also recall told everyone in the US and most of the world what he was proposing before the election.
    In summary, I know that CNN will not put this on the air but it makes me feel better. Also, I thought that, during a war, all or most of these would be treason at the very least, and should be put on charges for the courts to decide. I have always supported our President, Congress and our men and women around the world defending our way of life and all our rights under the constitution. I hear so much about 2000+ soldiers that have lost their lives for this. Our country’s people caused us to lose respect, the Vietnam war and I believe the KIA was approximately 50,000+. Please don’t blame this on the soldiers. Check the number killed the WW1 and WW2. People in the earlier days believed in our Nation, our elected officials. The National Guard/Reserves bitched about service even though that was what they had been trained and paid for this service. Also, how many years were the people overseas for Korea, WW1 and WW2?

    I am an American who still supports our Country, Our Presidents and Volunteer Army. As you will recall, we had a lot of people that went to Canada to escape service. Lots of known people. My final comment is that we need “GOD back in our countryâ€? for all of the above. Amen,
    H Lee 11-9-05

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