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Bloggers To Get Another Source Of Revenue: Posting Pictures

Bloggers To Get Another Source Of Revenue: Posting Pictures

It seems like Corbis, the world’s second largest stock photo service, is trying to catch up with Getty (The largest stock photo service) with the help of bloggers — and is trying to sweeten the deal by making it a bit of a win-win proposition.

Read/Write/Web has the details, but it seems like through a service called PicApps, blogs will be able to post images for their posts from Corbis’s vast stock library without any legal consequence.  The catch is that all of the images that are shown via PicApps this way will have a tiny bit of Javascript embeded in them, which creates a “roll-over” effect with advertising (see R/W/W for an example).

This will allow bloggers to avoid the potential copyright pitfalls with grabbing and posting images they have no rights to, and at the same time, allow them to earn a bit of the action as well.

No details at this time with respect to what the payout will be like, how they plan to roll it out and so on (will there be a limit to the number of pictures per post?), but it certainly looks like one extra way that bloggers can monetize their efforts.

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Of course, for the purists who want to avoid the distractions of having a little bit of advertising on their blogs there have always been royalty-free alternatives, providing one knows where to look.

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  • They don’t want us yet. I provided only my email address and got this response.

    “Thank you for your interest in participating in picapp’s beta.
    Do you like beautiful images?
    Do you want to test out a koool, fun service which brings together the best of images and the Web?
    If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place! offers: – Free high-quality stock photos – Ease-of-use – Revenue opportunities.

    Currently, we are in pre-alpha and the service is by invitation-only.
    We are looking for uber-creatives who will use the service and provide feedback.

    We will review your application and get back to you soon.”

    “pre-alpha?” LOL.
    “review my application?” ?????

    Ah well.

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